Haberberger Names Steve Haberberger, Jr. as President and CEO

Haberberger, Inc., a well-known mechanical contractor in the St. Louis area that was founded in 1948, is pleased to announce that Steve Haberberger, Jr. will succeed Neil Haberberger as President and CEO effective Jan. 1, 2021. The succession is part of a generational transition that has been in process for four years. Haberberger, Jr., is a member of the fourth generation. Only 3-4% of family businesses reach the fourth generation.

“With the transition, customers can expect the same level of performance and dependability they have received for the past seven decades,” said outgoing President and CEO Neil Haberberger. “Employees should expect to continue to be a part of a growing organization. Vendors and suppliers can expect to continue to be treated as valuable partners.”

Neil Haberberger has served as President and CEO of Haberberger for 23 years, replacing his father Joe Haberberger when he retired. Neil Haberberger will continue to work at Haberberger, Inc. during this transition, supporting company operations and serving on the board.

Steve Haberberger, Jr. holds a BSBA in Management from the former John Cook School of Business (now Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business) at St. Louis University, as well as a master’s in construction management from the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University-St. Louis. He joined Haberberger in 2003 and has held multiple positions within the company in preparation for this leadership role. Haberberger, Jr., is one of five Haberberger family members in Generation four, including Joe, Jeff, Ben, and Sam Haberberger. Mark and Steve Haberberger, Sr., brothers and part of the third generation, will also continue to work at Haberberger.